Large-scale Listening with SenseMaker is a learning-oriented monitoring and evaluation method that starts from people's stories and experiences. It is used in research, learning paths, follow-up and evaluations in complex change processes. With this method of research, we really give people a voice and we quickly gain insight into what is going on in a certain group or system. The method generates information about matters that are often more difficult to measure with ordinary questionnaires, such as behaviour, motivations, values, perceptions and underlying dynamics.

Large-scale Listening combines the power of stories and the clarity of figures in one method. 

Stories as meaning makers in

complex change processes

Sense Making
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  1. Citizen engagement

Are you interested as a municipality or city to engage in a meaningful way with your citizens? How do they perceive living in the city or the neighborhood? Do you want to keep finger on the pulse on your services or new initiatives? How can you actively involve citizens in a neighborhood development or transition process? With narrative pulses or large-scale listening methods, we support you to capture and understand the voice of people, including those that are often not heard.  We co-design how narrative inquiry methods can be embedded in your citizen participation and dialogue processes.


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2. Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL)

We support non-profit organisations, social enterprises and governments to develop learning-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems. We start from existing organisational dynamics and processes to embed approaches that provide meaningful and actionable insights during the implementation of your initiatives. We focus on actor-centered and participatory MEL approaches that engage people and provide directions for future interventions.

We are inspired by MEL approaches such as Outcome Mapping and Participatory Theory of Change. As Voices That Count, we are specialised in narrative-based inquiry and sensemaking methods such as Outcome Harvesting, SenseMaker, Photovoice and Most Significant Change Stories.  We try to start from what people know, do, see and experience. Listening to your target group, partners or other stakeholders becomes a continuous valuable learning process for your organisation.


Voices That Count is also a trusted partner within evaluation teams to coordinate or support the use of narrative methodologies as part of mixed-method evaluations and impact studies. 

3. Design and strategic planning

What about true/openly/unbiased listening to your target group, social base or stakeholder network as a starting point to feed your programme formulation or strategic plan?

We support projects and organisations to use people’s daily life experiences and ideas to guide strategic planning and actions for the future. We bring out narrative feedback from people to better map your context or to investigate what your stakeholders think is really important for the future.

4. Action-research

As part of your action-research, we support your with different participatory narrative inquiry methods to gather insights in your practices allowing you to evaluate and adjust your interventions.


We bring the voice of people to the surface through deep listening or working with images, in order to generate actionable insights. Additionally, the conversations itself and collective sensemaking process can also be seen as a meaningful intervention in your action-research.

5. Citizen science

Universities and cities sometimes invite a group of citizens to participate in the data collection of a scientific research, e.g. by counting traffic at street level. Our narrative methods engage people to share their experiences about the topic of interest, and as such add an additional research layer. By creating a Human Sensor Network we map and try to understand the people’s perception in a specific community or geographical area. We love thinking along in setting up your citizen science project.

6. Celebrate your organisation

Is there a special occasion to share your organisational achievements with the world? Do you celebrate your network birthday? We help you to uncover your impact story or celebrate your organisation through narrative approaches. Together we look for the best ways to tell your successes (and probably setbacks) in words, audio or video.

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